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Many of you have heard me promise this book for at least 8 years. It is finally ready!!! It contains all the beer trays, change trays and tray liners from Canadian Breweries since 1890 that I was able to list with the help of many of you.
The book is fully bilingual and includes a price guide.
The cost of the book is $60.

The shipping charges from Canada Post to ship it everywhere in Canada is $21.50. But there is room for 2 books in the box for the same shipping cost, meaning $10.75 per book. I can also use a bigger box and ship 3 books for a shipping cost $27 ($9 per book). So if you can combine shipping with a couple of friends, you will save a little bit more than $10 per book on shipping. Mail orders should be made via my email: The same goes for payment by electronic transfer.
Plusieurs d’entre vous m’ont entendu promettre la parution de ce livre depuis au moins 8 ans. Il est finalement prêt!!! Il contient tous les plateaux de bière, les plateaux de change et les buvards de plateaux des brasseries canadiennes depuis 1890 que j’ai pu répertorier avec l’aide de plusieurs d’entre vous.
Tout en couleurs, le livre est entièrement bilingue et comporte un guide de prix.

Les frais d’expédition de Postes Canada pour l’envoyer partout au Canada sont 21,50 $. Mais il y a de la place pour 2 livres dans la boîte pour les mêmes frais d’expédition, ce qui réduit ceux-ci à 10,75 $ par livre. Je peux aussi utiliser une boîte plus grande et envoyer 3 livres pour un coût d’expédition de 27 $ (9 $ par livre). Donc, si vous pouvez combiner votre achat avec quelques amis, vous économiserez un peu plus de 10 $ par livre sur les frais d’expédition.
Les commandes postales doivent se faire via mon courriel:
Il y va de même pour le paiement par transfert électronique.


Brewed in the North – A History of Labatt’s – Matthew J. Bellamy

Tracing the evolution of Canada’s Labatt brewery from its colonial beginnings until its sale to Belgium-based Interbrew

For decades, the name Labatt was synonymous with beer in Canada, but no longer. Brewed in the North traces the birth, growth, and demise of one of the nation’s oldest and most successful breweries.

Opening a window into Canada’s complicated relationship with beer, Matthew Bellamy examines the strategic decisions taken by a long line of Labatt family members and professional managers from the 1840s, when John Kinder Labatt entered the business of brewing in the Upper Canadian town of London, to the globalization of the industry in the 1990s. Spotlighting the challenges involved as Labatt executives adjusted to external shocks – the advent of the railway, Prohibition, war, the Great Depression, new forms of competition, and free trade – Bellamy offers a case study of success and failure in business. Through Labatt’s lively history from 1847 to 1995, this book explores the wider spirit of Canadian capitalism, the interplay between the state’s moral economy and enterprise, and the difficulties of creating popular beer brands in a country that is regionally, linguistically, and culturally diverse.

A comprehensive look at one of the industry’s most iconic firms, Brewed in the North sheds light on what it takes to succeed in the business of Canadian brewing.
“This finely crafted study is a brilliant piece of Canadian business history. Brewed in the North goes beyond Labatt’s to provide a study of a whole industry within Canada and abroad. The book is chock-full of fascinating information on the evolving processes of making beer, the marketing of the firm’s products, and strategies for survival in a highly controversial industry.” Craig Heron, York University
“Brewed in the North makes for a top choice for beer lovers. Best enjoyed with a six-pack of underrated 50 fresh from the brewery, I’d say.” The London Free Press
“Brewed in the North is probably the most comprehensive look at Labatt’s past. Anyone who enjoys learning about corporate decision-making, the people behind the decisions and their successes and missteps will enjoy this book. The author struck gold by landing on a treasure trove of previously unpublished corporate documents and a detail-rich history of Labatt that it had commissioned from historian Albert Tucker.” The Globe & Mail
“Brewed in the North is a striking story, and Bellamy tells it well. He has a command of business history but does not beat us over the head with theory or complete marketing lingo. The book is an impressive achievement.” Literary Review of Canada
McGill – Queen’s University Press                                                                                    464 Pages, 6.5 x 9.25, 58 B&W photos                                                                         ISBN 9780773559158                                                                                                October 2019                                                                                                            Formats: Cloth, eBook                                                                                                  $34.95 CDN                                                                                                                         Click here to order direct

150 Years of Canadian Beer Labels

TouchWood Editions Presents

150BeerLabels_cvr_catIn celebration of Canada’s 150 birthday, one of the country’s most avid collectors of breweriana showcases a stunning selection of beer labels dating from the late 1870s to the present day.

What’s more Canadian than beer? Craft brewing has exploded across Canada, reinvigorating the country’s love and appreciation for its favourite beverage. But Canadians have always treasured beer—a fact evidenced by these vintage labels that showcase both stunning skills in typography and a true passion for the brew.

In addition to the earliest vintage labels from iconic breweries like Dow and Labatt, discover an eye-opening cross-section of the country’s beer-brewing history through the artwork of ales, porters, lagers, and malts from brewers east to west, many of which are long forgotten.

Lawrence C. Sherk was one of the country’s foremost collectors of Canadian beer memorabilia, with the second-largest collection of beer labels in Canada. In 2011, he donated nearly 3000 of his labels, most of them dating from before 1945, to the Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library at the University of Toronto, where they can be viewed as part of the library’s paper-ephemera collection. Before retiring in 2001, Sherk was a renowned horticulturist, though history was his first love.

Available in fine bookstores.

$29.95 CDN

ISBN-13: 9781771511926

ISBN-10: 1771511923

320 Pages Hardcover 8.5 x 7.5 inches