O’Keefe’s Ontario Breweries

O'Keefe's CompositeThis photographic collage dates from the peak of E.P. Taylor’s domination of the Ontario Beer market (Circa 1950).

1/ O’keefe’s Ale Brewery – 286 Simcoe St., Toronto – (Demolished)

It started life as Toronto Brewing & Malting later becoming a Cosgrave’s plant, a vinegar factory, Canada Bud brewery and finishing at closure as a Dow plant.

2/ O’Keefe’s Ottawa Brewery – 451 Wellington St., Ottawa – (Demolished)

It began life as the Israel, Brading & Atwood brewery later becoming Brading’s Union brewery. E.P. Taylor began his plan of consolidating the brewing industry with Brading’s.

3/ O’Keefe’s Walkerville Brewery – 790 Walker Rd., Windsor – (Demolished)

It was opened for thirsty distillery workers as Walkerville Brewing & Malting later known as the Walkerville brewery and briefly as Carling’s.

4/ O’Keefe’s West Brewery – 293 Niagara St., Toronto – (Demolished)

It was first known as the West Toronto brewery but most famously known as Cosgrave’s, Cosgrave’s Export and Cosgrave’s Dominion.

5/ O’Keefe’s Brewery – Main Plant – 297 Victoria St., Toronto – (Demolished)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx– Bottling,Warehouse & Office (Now part of Ryerson University)

Originally called the Victoria St. brewery but made famous by Eugene O’Keefe and continued with E.P. Taylor.

Interesting Note: O’Keefe’s East Toronto Brewery – 22 Mark St. is not shown as it was closed in 1949 and later suffered a devastating fire.