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1000+ Vintage Beer Bottle Collection up for Sale

I have a 1000+ beer bottle collection for sale. The collection starts with stubbies from the early 1970’s from all points across Canada.  My now deceased brother in law drove across Canada twice in the 1970’s, gathering as many local/different variations of Canadian beer bottles as he could find (drink….?!).   Most are empty, though there are a good number unopened.  The collection rolls into later decades from his many travels to include subsequent bottle/label variations, international beer bottles, and some ‘themed’ bottles (i.e. NHL, Star Trek, etc.).
He took pictures in his final months with the hope that his collection could find a new ‘Foster’ (his fav) home…  The collection can be viewed here: Beer Bottles (!AucJFU4BlyKkgthi_IsQBBJvCyPwQg ).
I would like to invite best offers on the entire collection up to July 21st, via email to, after which I will advise the winning bidder.  Not entertaining selling individually at this time.  
By appointment, interested individuals are welcomed and indeed encouraged to come view the collection, currently stored in boxes, before submitting an offer.  I suspect there are more bottles in the boxes than just those included in the photos, so there is a possibility of bonus finds.
I am located in Nepean (Ottawa), Ontario.  Buyer needs to carry away or make shipping arrangements at their expense.
Thanks for reading this far.  Cheers.
Dan Wolfenden

• Our charitable thrift store had this unique Labatt’s presentation bottle donated and we are hoping to sell it to a specialist collector who may find it of great interest. It is still sealed. It was likely used at the press conference announcing Labatt as a major sponsor of the Calgary 1988 Olympics. The press conference was held on April 8th, 1986.
Contact: Phil Wiens

Locality: MCC Mission Thrift Shop
32608 Fraser Crescent, Mission, B.C.

• Crown collector looking for trading partners –  Have Canadian trade inventory of 250 different cork lined & 1500 plastic lined crowns from all provinces. WILL SELL.                             

Contact: or 705-324-4855

• Vintage Canadian Beer Coasters as a whole or individually. Prices negotiable.              Location: Kawartha Lakes                                                                                             

Contact: or 705-324-4855

• To whom it concerns. I’m letting most of my collection go. I regrettably don’t have the time or space to continue. I live in the Huntsville area and can provide more information, photos if desired. Bottles, cans, Labels, crowns etc… I would love a passionate collector to take as many items as desired. Very reasonably priced maybe some free. Not looking to make a big cash in. Just would like them passed on and appreciated. Image is a few in my collection. 

Cheers Graham Richards

• I have an interesting piece that I would consider selling as I am not a collector of breweriana. It is from Kiewel’s Brewery in Winnipeg. It is an advertising piece possibly made from pewter?  It weighs just over 18 oz.  It stands about 3 1/8” tall and about 2 3/4” circumference at the widest point.

Contact: Ron Bakker

Locality: Alberta

• A previously unknown Carling’s London tin lithograph from the Victorian period.

The tin sign is 10 x 14 inches.

Serious offers only.

Andy Cottrell

• I have a selection of mostly long neck bottles for sale as a lot but will consider offers.

Locality: Oakville, Ontario

Contact: Cam Brown or 416-301-3797

• Hi, its time these found a new home. Leftovers from the 80’s … We are south of Ottawa, I thought I would reach out to you and see if any of your collectors would be interested. And yes, they are still full.

Contact: Anja Berends

I have 50 + vintage 70-80s Ontario Beer Store (all brewers) “TV BOX” transparencies for sale….mint condition. 26”x20”, a large majority of beer brands are no longer produced. I have a standing offer. Will catalogue all pieces for the serious buyer.

Contact: Al Richardson

Older Canadian beer coasters available to trade for older Canadian beer labels or items from Ottawa or Newfoundland breweries. Other older Canadian coasters are available. Get in touch and perhaps I can help with your collection. Would consider selling. Please contact Mark Armstrong at

BEER BOTTLES!!! – Mostly Molson & Carling O’Keefe 1980s.   
MANY BOTTLES STILL FULL.  Some caps rusty.

Prefer to sell as a group but open to offers on individual lots.

$200.00 for the lot. 

Pick up Toronto or Kingston.

BOX 1:

ST TROPEZ Beer Cooler (Carling)   x1
LIBERTY LAGER (Molson) x7  Long Neck
LIBERTY LAGER (Molson)  featuring Dave Nichols x1
OLSEN EXPORT (Molson)  x1 (Probably a one-off tribute to the retiring brewmaster)
CALGARY (Carling) with unusual twist cap  Stubby  x1
BEER (General Brewing Company, BC) – Stubby x1
LOWENBRAU (Carling) 3 different bottles
TUBORG (Carling) x1  tall
BOX 2:
MILLER HIGH LIFE – Stubby – 2 different labels a) x 11  b) x 9
BOX 3:
MILLER HIGH LIFE     Long neck x 11
MILLER LITE – Stubby x 5   
BOX 4:
MILLER LITE – Stubby x 19 (4 different labels)
BOX 5:
OV LIGHT/OLD VIENNA LIGHT  – 7 different labels/4 different labels
BOX 6:
STUBBY:     BLUE x2    BUD x1  50 x 3    EXPORT x 2     CARLSBERG x1
Buckeye report cover & 1910 letter from Geneva Brewing Company
3×5” colour photos – Miller Lite Label Designs. Over 30. Some repeats.
Maybe 100 3.”5×5 colour prints of various 12 & 24 packs & 6 cellophane packs – includes Old Style, Labatt Lite,  Coors Light,  Rainier, Black Ice, Club, Kokanee Light and many more.
Over 40 3.5’x 5 colour prints of St Tropez Beer cooler, Ice Cap Beer Cooler in 7.5” bottle.. Plus slides & negatives. Many repeats
20 colour 8x10s of various brands – 80s/90s/

Molson’s Classic Ale: A Tribute to Eric Molson
I recently got my hands on this beer and am interested in selling it.
The label is in near mint condition, the crown is intact and sealed, and the original contents are still in the bottle. There is a stamp on the back that says “Eric H Molson May 2009.”
I am willing to negotiate price. Please contact me through email:
or cell (preferably text): +1 469 955 0632

• Stock certificates available. Contact: 705-324-4855

• Hi, I’m a longtime collector looking for those who might be interested in buying my Great Western private label bottles, Saskatchewan PET bottles, crown caps, beer labels, bottle openers, key chains, etc. Pictured is a small selection.

Locality: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Vintage Upper Canada Wooden Crate
Circa 1985 UPPER CANADA original wooden crate complete with 12 Lager and 12 Dark Ale long-neck full bottles as originally purchased. Sold as a collectible only – contents are not for consumption.
$100 or best offer.
Pick up only.
Locality: East York (Toronto)
Contact: Kelly

John Labatt Classic Wooden Crates – Two Versions!!

AVAILABLE: Two different JOHN LABATT Special Extra Aged Classic wooden crates.         They were released once a year in a limited edition from about 1985 to 1988 and are being sold with a full case of 24 inside. One is the long neck with green foil & one is the shorter neck. Sold as a collectible only – contents are not for consumption.
$120 per crate or best offer.
Pick up only.
Locality: East York (Toronto)
Contact: Kelly

• Hello, my name is Dave. l have 22 old beer bottles -18 Labatt, 2 Molson & 2 O’Keefe.
17 of them are full & unopened. Make me an offer if you are interested. Thanks.             Locality: Greater London Area                                                                                        Contact:


• Complete Crown Sets for sale. Prices negotiable.

Location: Kawartha Lakes

Contact: New Email or 705-324-4855

• Hi, I’m looking to trade my old black glass c.1880 Labatt Prescott brewery beer bottle. Searching for rare pre-pro brewery bottles from Québec City and Beauport. Foxhead, Beauport, Boswell, Champlain & Proteau Carignan. Pictures only for people interested. Contact:                                                                                           Charles G. from Québec City

• Good Day, I have Carling O’Keefe unused bottle labels, jackets, mugs, patches, literature, etc. I also have some items from the Carlsberg championship horse wagon team. The wagon was destroyed at the end of it’s use, but some items were ‘kept’ from the bin.

I would like to see these items go to a good home.

Don Lapsch

• For SALE Molsons collection offered by CB #54 . I’ve been a collector for a long time and now have decided to sell my collection as a whole, if really interested email me at


A stunning seldom seen Frontenac White Cap Ale plaster sign 

Location: Quebec City

Contact: 418-928-0614

• Full Beer Bottle Collection Available. My brother recently passed away and left a collection of beer bottles to me. They are all full, unopened bottles. I have no want or use for them. I would like them to go to someone who would appreciate them.

Location: Kitchener/Waterloo/New Hamburg

Contact: Gayle Ostrom

• 30 stubbies labeled beer bottles free to a good home.  Condition is from poor to great, a lot of them are full.  Must be picked up in Kingston, ON, but due to my traveling I might be able to drop them off.  Please contact me at

• For Sale.  My Canadian labelled beer bottle collection.  I’ve extensively collected minor variations over the years. Send me an email me of what you seek.
Contact: Gord Bristow

• A Large Full Bottle Collection for Sale in part or whole. The bottles range from long necks to custom mold, stubbies & later. Examples from across Canada. List & pictures available.

Location: Montreal, Quebec


• 1980 45 rpm record “Here’s to the Horses” Budweiser promotional song.

Contact: Judy 1-905-945-5368

• 1000 beer bottles for sale. International and Quebec microbrewery. 25 cents each.
Location: Laurentides, Quebec
Contact: Andre Paradis 819-274-2899

• 1500 beer bottles & cans for sale. International and Quebec microbrewery. $500.00 or best offer.
Location: Quebec
Contact: Jonathan 438-404-9234

 • I’ve been collecting Beer Bottles & Cans since 1988 from all corners of the world.             The collection contains close to 5000.
I would like to sell, if the offer is reasonable.
I have them all packed in boxes but they can be viewed.
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Contact: Marc

• Frontenac White Cap Ale tray for sale. A tough one in any condition.                              Location: Toronto, Ontario                                                                                         Contact:

• For Sale – The attached photos show some of the Canadian vintage beer items I have for sale – stubbys, quart bottles, etc. Some are from local/regional breweries.                     Please contact me to get further information and brands.                                                        I would be happy to entertain any offers.                                                                           The best way to contact me is by phone, 250-656-6723. Thanks.                            Location: Victoria, B.C.                                                                                              Contact: Morley

•  After 44 years of collecting beer cans and beer bottles I’m looking for someone that might be interested in a collection. Approximately 4300 cans and a couple hundred bottles. If anybody in the CCBA  is interested they can email me for info & pics.

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Contact: Nick Krishka

• Available a custom archival mounted album of approximately seventy 1950s Classic Canadian Beer advertisements from the Canadian Geographic Journal.

Location: Nanaimo, B.C.

Contact: Steve Bristerstewart

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