Bev Moore Award

Bev Moore_Cropped_GB3_USM3_L_GNThe Bev Moore Award – 1995 to Present

The Bev Moore Award is conferred each year to the collector, who in the judgement
of an expert panel has acquired the most unique piece of Canadian brewery advertising.

About Bev Moore

Bev Moore was a vivacious lady who collected Canadian brewery tip trays, salesman samples and most of all friends. Her husband Jack also actively pursued all breweriana from O’Keefe, maker of his favourite brew – Old Vienna. Bev & Jack always had an open door policy to fellow collectors and a multitude of friends.
Bev Moore, a native of Port Colborne, Ontario quite suddenly passed away in October 1994. The award was inaugurated in January 1995 at the suggestion of Lynne & Wray Martin to honour her life.

We will attempt over time to build a full chronology of the Bev Moore Award. If you have any pertinent information please contact us at:

2018 Winner – None Awarded

2017 Winner – None Awarded

2016 Winner – Larry Sherk

Carling Tip Tray_Enhanced_200ppiPre-Prohibition Lithograph Tip Tray. Manufactured in Coshocton, Ohio at American Art Works. Note: Prohibition in Ontario lasted from 1916 to 1927.

2015 Winner – Ron Armstrong

Dawes&Co_LachineDawes & Co. Porcelain Enamel Sign. The brewery operated under this name from 1888 to 1911.

2014 Winner – Les Gradzki

Fox Head - Bière et PorterCardboard Hanging Sign. Circa 1907.

2013 Winner – Barry O’Neill

Bev Moore Award Winner 2013

Bev Moore Award Winner 2013Sick’s Breweries Christmas card which celebrates Alberta’s big oil strike at Leduc. The beginning of Alberta’s economic wealth.

2012 Winner – Jim Maitland

Cardboard Hanging Calendar.

2001 Winner – Phil Greenwood

Labatt - two gentlemenPre-Prohibition Lithograph Serving Tray.

2001 Bev Moore Award

2000 Winner – John Arendale

bev-moore-award_2000_itembev-moore-award_2000_presentationEarly Print Advertising – Hoeschen Wentzler operational 1906-1915.

1999 Winner – Jim Maitland

alpine-acl-bottlePrototype Applied Ceramic Label Bottle – Circa 1940s?

Manufactured by Dominion Glass, Wallaceburg, Ontario


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