Regional Clubs

Breweriana Collectors Clubs & Brewery Collectibles Club of America Affiliates

British Columbia

British Columbia Breweriana Collectors Chapter – Established 1983

Contact: Larry Sampson

4259 Watling Street

Burnaby, BC Canada V5J 1V4

Newsletter: BC Beer Scoop

Special Show: Dennis Inkster Memorial


Wildrose Chapter – Established 1989

Contact: Peter Zboya

1419 Southdale Place SW

Calgary, AB Canada T2W 0W8

Newsletter: The Can Opener



Great White North Chapter – Established 1988

Contact: Rob Horwood                                                           

Great White North Brewerianists
74 Kennington Bay
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
R2N 2L2

Newsletter: Paw Prints

Special Show: Annual Trade Show


Canada’s Capital Chapter – Established 1867

Contact: T. J. Clifford – Prime Minister

Special Show: The Bi-Annual Thousand Islands Mini Convention – Gananoque, Ontario

Limestone Brewerianist Club – Established 1983

Allan Dodd – President

Dave Platt – Vice President



The club has hosted three breweriana conventions in Kingston.

Niagara Brewery Collectibles Club – Established 2015

Contact: Larry Lemelin

Toll Free:1-800-517-8708

Trillium Chapter – Established 1984

Contact: Neil McDonald

1321 Sherwood Mills Blvd

Mississauga, ON L5V 2B7

Newsletter: Trillium Tales

Special Show: Horst Wendland Memorial