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• I am looking for any items (bottles, caps, boxes …) from any ancient Sherbrooke, Quebec breweries: Spring Brewery, Burton Brewery, O’Dell Brewery, Nutter Brewery, Silver Spring Brewery … These would go on display in the actual Siboire Brewery as part of a guided tour.


• I would like to buy this bottle if anyone has one they are willing to part with.                Contact: Garry Thayer

• I am looking to BUY OR TRADE Vintage Molson’s items (No Imports)
Contact Dave Wilson  Locality: Penetanguishene, Ontario.  Cell 705 209 -5481 Home 519-538-0280

• I am a collector from Waterloo, Ontario looking for anything from the Kuntz brewery. If you have anything that may interest me please email me at

Wanted! circa 1936 Silver Foam Beverages porcelain enamel ashtray. Also 1970s Old Vienna serving tray (non-brewery issue).

Contact: Randall

• I’m looking for the rare Bajus Celebrated Lager metal sign.                                                  Contact: Dave Platt

• Hi Everyone, My name is Mike Mahoney, born and raised in St. John’s, NL. I currently reside in Windsor, ON. I am specifically a Newfoundland Breweriana Collector. A huge fan of Quidi Vidi Brewery. I’m always looking for Newfoundland Beer signage, taps, labels and coasters or older QV Wooden beer crates. I have slowed on bottles. My buddy is seeking one of the 16 Black Horse bottles for his set. I’m 1 Black Horse coaster short of the 96 set.
I gave up trying to collect all the sets of 50 – just need a handful for one set. Also trying to find the Dominion Ale Stubbies with the Coaster Stickers – I have 3 of 6. Stubbies with the pull tabs intact. I only have one – but they are cool and I presume dangerous after a few – LOL. If you have any of the above items, love to chat and maybe do business feel free to contact me via email:

See a small selection of Newfoundland labels, coasters & crowns in “Items Available”.

• Hi Everyone, I’m looking to purchase or trade for the following Molson stubby overprint/special event labels that have not been put on bottles.
Cheers and happy collecting.
Mike Midghall





• Looking for O’Keefe Old Vienna gypsy girl tin sign/thermometer “Imported from Canada”. Must be in pristine condition. Please contact Phil Greenwood 226-932-1277 or

• Canadian collector looking for Canadian craft beer labels. Ontario labels for sure, but I’d be interested in the other provinces too. Preferably the newer stuff over the last few years.
If you have something I may be interested in, please contact me at 

• Looking for Manitoba cork beer caps, as well as Canadian craft beer caps. Building a display table with as many different Canadian breweries as possible.  Looking to trade or buy.

Dave Cole 1-204-485-5346 or

• Hello in Canada
I am one of the larger Beer Label collectors in Europe with more than 350.000 different beer labels in my collection.
Is it possible to find a collector on this site to trade Canadian/American labels against ?????
I have thousands of doubles, so I can help you with labels a lot of countries…
If you want labels from microbreweries in Denmark, Norway or Sweden, I can help with hundreds from every country. I am looking forwards to hear from you…                           Regards                                                                                                                                 Jan Andersen

• I’m looking to expand my History of Manitoba Beer display, so looking for crowns from Riedle, McDonagh, Grant, Benson, Empire, Brandon, Shea and more.  Have lots to trade, will buy if needed. Please call Dave Cole at 1-204-485-5346 or email

• Hello, I’m looking for any brewery related items from the following breweries
– Huether’s Crystal Springs brewery of Neustadt
– Schwan’s brewery both Owen Sound and Carlsrhue.
– Eaton Bros. brewery of Owen Sound
– Formosa Springs brewery of Formosa
– Any small brewery from Southwestern Ontario.

Neil Ward
1-519-375- 5910

• Hello, I am a collector of beer advertising ashtrays. I collect mostly the metal and porcelain type. Any help with these ashtrays will be appreciated. Thanks.                           Contact:

• Wanted Moose Jaw Brewing bottles or anything related to this brewery!              Contact: James Ferguson

• Hi there, I’m looking for current Canadian microbrewery coasters from all over. I’m also looking for the earlier Collective Arts Brewing coaster sets that they had over the years. I do have a good chunk of them but there are still lots of others I’m missing in between, particularly the first 4 or 5 sets.                                                                                Contact:

• Hello!  I am looking for beer memorabilia from Saskatoon, particularly anything from Hoeschen- Wentzler, later Saskatoon Brewing Company, as well as anything associated with the company now known as Great Western.  Contact:

Wanted – Cork & Plastic Lined Crowns

Looking to establish trading relationship with Canada wide crown collectors, especially Western & Maritime provinces. Have hundreds of cork & plastics traders – some corks are pictured in “Marketplace – Items Available”. Contact: Ron Armstrong  CB#19 or 705-324-4855

WANTED!!! Molson’s Classic Ale bottle in good condition with crown if possible.

Contact: Gord Holder

• Hi, I’m new to breweriana collecting and interested in Old Vienna items and Canadian porcelain beer ashtrays and serving trays if you have anything text 519-770-7356 Thanks.

• I’m Interested in acquiring early Kingston items from breweries such as Bajus’, Grand Trunk, Morton’s, Thomas Molson’s to name a few. Also more modern memorabilia from Kingston area craft brewers.

Contact: Dave Platt

• Hi, I’m new to breweriana collecting and interested in items from the following breweries.
– O’keefe’s – Pre Carling merger
– Walkerville
– British American
– Riverside
– Tecumseh
– Old Comrades
– Hofer/LaSalle

Contact: Ben Theroux

• Wanted Canadian & American Coasters.

Contact: Anthony 1-450-678-0428

• Hello Dear Collector,

I am a collector of beer labels from all over the world with an animal as a main theme.
I am constantly looking for interesting labels with this topic.

I can offer Polish and Czech labels, coasters and caps.
I am looking non-European (e.g. Canadian, American etc.) labels with animal.

If you are interested in my offer, contact me.
I send a few photos from my collection of labels with animals.

Best regards,                                                                                                                Lech (Czech Republic)                                                                                              Contact: Lech Przeczek

Wanted – A wooden Kiewel’s White Seal of St. Boniface, Manitoba beer crate.      Contact: Craig

• I’m looking for collectibles from the former Windsor area breweries such as:
-British American
-Old Comrades

Contact: Rob Standon

• Long-time worldwide beer label collector is looking to add older labels to the collection. I would be interested in purchasing a collection of labels from any country. If you are trading labels only, I have many older and recent labels to trade. Please send an email indicating what you have to sell or if you are interested in trading. Thank you. Mark

WANTED! Calgary Brewing & Malting lithograph reproduction by Molson’s circa 1992 for the brewery’s 100th anniversary. 2000 copies were issued. Terms negotiable.

Please contact: Mike Dartnell

• Muskoka Brewery – Spring Oddity Tap Handle

Tap handle collector looking for a Muskoka Brewery Spring Oddity tap handle. Please contact me if you have one you’re interested in parting with or if you know where one is. Paying top dollar or interesting trades.

Jeff Brazeau

• I’m a collector of international labels, coasters & bottle caps. I’m willing to make exchanges with you. I can send 30 or 40 labels for you to evaluate & if you like them then send me an equal number in return. There is no need to send me anything in advance.
If you are interested send me your postal address.
Best Regards, Flavio                                                                         

Flavio Renato Ramos de Lima
Rua João Jorge Mussi 231
Carianos – Florianópolis – SC – Brasil

•  I’m interested in buying set/series crown caps. NFL, Tartans, Whale Tails, Schooner, Nova Scotia towns, Keith’s Year of Music, Keith’s Year of the Wooden Boat etc. etc. Any set series crowns from Canada. Please email: or text/phone 519-318-3560

• Calgary Beer advertising items with the buffalo logo.

• Now retired and living in a remote area. I hope I can still hunt for that 1 sign I don’t have yet. I specialize in “bubbling” beer signs. Hoping to get Canadian ones. I do have a large collection. Please feed my hobby.

• Hello, Collector friends from Canada! My name is Christian and I am a beer label collector from Berlin, Germany. I am looking for trading partners to exchange labels.   Christian Kosinsky

 • Hello, I’m a collector of beer labels and would like to exchange with correspondents. I’m interested in the following areas: North America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania.
Andrzej  Szulc  P.O. BOX 31  82-300  ELBLĄG 1  POLAND
• I am interested in any Labatt’s Streamliner or Blue Top items.  If you have anything you are willing to part with please let me know.

Garry Thayer
Frankford, Ontario
613-968-0806 cell
613-398-0874 home

• Buy or Trade. I’m streamlining my Canadian labelled beer bottle collection.  I’m going to focus on collecting Winnipeg area bottles and labels, Labatt’s labelled bottles, pre-stubby Ontario bottles, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia bottles. Willing to buy or trade. Let me know what you have.
Contact: Gord Bristow

• Hello, my name is Trevor and I’m a collector of Figural Beer Tap Handles. I look for Canadian taps in particular but any interesting figural taps are welcome into my collection as well. Any age suits me fine. Please e-mail if you have an item you think I may be interested in. I buy, sell and trade so if you collect beer taps as well let me know. Thanks!
x• I’m interested in adding any Doran’s Northern Brewery, Soo Falls, Kakabeka, Superior, New Ontario, etc. related items to my collection. If you have any items you would like to sell please let me know.
Jeff Brazeau
Trenton, Ontario