Signal Hill Brewery Puzzle

What could be more intriguing than an obscure brewery on Newfoundland’s iconic Signal Hill? Quite likely North America’s most easterly brewery at the time. Are there any researchers or historians who would pick up the gauntlet and piece together this puzzle?

Here is the germ of the story…

The Directory of Canadian Breweries (Past & Present)

Second Edition – 1996

Richard L. Sweet


4a        Lindberg, John                                                                                      1877-1893

4b        Lindberg & Backstorm: Signal Hill Brewery                                          1893-1895

4c        Lindberg & Franklin: Signal Hill Brewery                                               1895-1898

4d        Lindberg Brewing Co. Ltd.                                                                    1898-1917

lindberg-bavarian-beerSource: Sold on Ebay  Note: This image has been enhanced

lindberg-labelled-bottlejohn-lindberglindberg-franklinSource: Courtesy of John Wicks

John Wicks Archived Site

lindberg-advertSource: Courtesy of Chris Conway

Overview: Lindberg Brewing Company