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• Hello Dear Collector,

I am a collector of beer labels from all over the world with an animal as a main theme.
I am constantly looking for interesting labels with this topic.

I can offer Polish and Czech labels, coasters and caps.
I am looking non-European (e.g. Canadian, American etc.) labels with animal.

If you are interested in my offer, contact me.
I send a few photos from my collection of labels with animals.

Best regards,                                                                                                                Lech (Czech Republic)                                                                                              Contact: Lech Przeczek

Guelph Museums is seeking brewing collectibles for research purposes and possible loan for upcoming brewing exhibition at the Civic Museum, Brewing Changes Guelph. Those who have objects or stories related to Guelph’s historic inns, taverns and breweries (1800s-1900s), to the Sleeman, Wellington or F&M (now StoneHammer) breweries (1980s- 2000s) or to home brewing, are encouraged to contact Dawn Owen, Curator of Guelph Museums, at or at 519-836-1221 ext 2774.

Brewing Changes Guelph examines the social and economic importance of brewing beer in the Royal City and the changes brought about by the rise, fall and resurrection of Guelph breweries. Whether one has worked in the brewing industry or has never tasted beer before, visitors will learn how brewing has benefitted and continues to benefit our city.

The story begins with whiskey, early independent innkeepers and entrepreneurs, includes English immigrant brewers who established a thriving commercial industry, and then suddenly ends in the late 1930s when Guelph was left without a single brewery for nearly fifty years. Key events in the 1970s and 1980s, and the visionary thinking of several men and women, led to the resurrection of brewing in Guelph in 1985.

This exhibition focuses on the impact of changes in production, transportation, marketing, gender and policy in Guelph, positioned within current brewing trends in Ontario, across Canada and around the world. Guest curated by Eric Payseur, Brewing Changes Guelph is as much about the present and future of brewing in Guelph as it is about its illustrious past.

Guelph Civic Museum is located at 52 Norfolk Street, in Guelph Ontario.

Wanted – A wooden Kiewel’s White Seal of St. Boniface, Manitoba beer crate.      Contact: Craig

• I’m looking for collectibles from the former Windsor area breweries such as:
-British American
-Old Comrades

Contact: Rob Standon

• At CANvention I traded these two cans to a collector from Nevada, when he boarded his plane to fly home he was told that these two cans had been removed from his baggage because of suspicious contents. He was left with no alternative but to abandon them at the airport. Turns out the CO2 cartridge in the tapping system is now a controlled item. If anyone has one or both of these cans and you are in need of a bit more shelf space, I know someone who would proudly give them a new home. I can be reached at 905-642-8587 or email me at  Thanks, Dave Fowler

• Long-time worldwide beer label collector is looking to add older labels to the collection. I would be interested in purchasing a collection of labels from any country. If you are trading labels only, I have many older and recent labels to trade. Please send an email indicating what you have to sell or if you are interested in trading. Thank you. Mark

• The CCBA website would like to create a chronology of Bev Moore Award items. If you were a recipient of the Bev Moore Award between 1995 & 2011. Could you please send a picture of the winning item, your name, the winning year and any other pertinent information to


WANTED! Calgary Brewing & Malting lithograph reproduction by Molson’s circa 1992 for the brewery’s 100th anniversary. 2000 copies were issued. Terms negotiable.

Please contact: Mike Dartnell

• Muskoka Brewery – Spring Oddity Tap Handle

Tap handle collector looking for a Muskoka Brewery Spring Oddity tap handle. Please contact me if you have one you’re interested in parting with or if you know where one is. Paying top dollar or interesting trades.

Jeff Brazeau

• I’m a collector of international labels, coasters & bottle caps. I’m willing to make exchanges with you. I can send 30 or 40 labels for you to evaluate & if you like them then send me an equal number in return. There is no need to send me anything in advance.
If you are interested send me your postal address.
Best Regards, Flavio                                                                         

Flavio Renato Ramos de Lima
Rua João Jorge Mussi 231
Carianos – Florianópolis – SC – Brasil

• Hey Folks, Karen here from Creemore.  I was wondering if you could help me. It is our 30th anniversary and we are looking for some vintage Creemore Springs advertising.  In particular I am looking for one of our original tap handles with the horses on it.
Thanks for your consideration.

•  I am interested in buying set/series crown caps. NFL, Tartans, Whale Tails, Schooner, Nova Scotia towns, Keith’s Year of Music, Keith’s Year of the Wooden Boat etc. etc. Any set series crowns from Canada. Please email: or text/phone 519-318-3560

• Calgary Beer advertising items with the buffalo logo.

• Now retired and living in a remote area. I hope I can still hunt for that 1 sign I don’t have yet. I specialize in “bubbling” beer signs. Hoping to get Canadian ones. I do have a large collection. Please feed my hobby.

• Hello, Collector friends from Canada! My name is Christian and I am a beer label collector from Berlin, Germany. I am looking for trading partners to exchange labels.   Christian Kosinsky

 • Hello, I’m a collector of beer labels and would like to exchange with correspondents. I’m interested in the following areas: North America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania.
Andrzej  Szulc  P.O. BOX 31  82-300  ELBLĄG 1  POLAND
• I am interested in any Labatt’s Streamliner or Blue Top items.  If you have anything you are willing to part with please let me know.

Garry Thayer
Frankford, Ontario
613-968-0806 cell
613-398-0874 home

• Buy or Trade. I’m streamlining my Canadian labelled beer bottle collection.  I’m going to focus on collecting Winnipeg area bottles and labels, Labatt’s labelled bottles, pre-stubby Ontario bottles, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia bottles. Willing to buy or trade. Let me know what you have.
Contact: Gord Bristow

• Hello, my name is Trevor and I’m a collector of Figural Beer Tap Handles. I look for Canadian taps in particular but any interesting figural taps are welcome into my collection as well. Any age suits me fine. Please e-mail if you have an item you think I may be interested in. I buy, sell and trade so if you collect beer taps as well let me know. Thanks!
x• I’m interested in adding any Doran’s Northern Brewery, Soo Falls, Kakabeka, Superior, New Ontario, etc. related items to my collection. If you have any items you would like to sell please let me know.
Jeff Brazeau
Trenton, Ontario